in Tankerton & Chestfield

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East of the harbour is the newer district of Tankerton and one of the town's best beaches.


The land rises from Whitstable towards Tower Hill and continues to do so until it reaches a peak at the flagstaff at Tankerton Slopes. It then starts a gentle descent towards the neighbouring district of Swalecliffe.


The higher ground provides the town with the green slopes that run the length of Tankerton sea front. This area is known as Tankerton Slopes.


It was around the 1920's and 1930s that developers turned their attention eastwards from Whitstable. The result was a neat, quiet and pleasant suburb set in a grid type road system. The shopping area was located in Tankerton Road close to a roundabout known as Tankerton Circus. This small shopping centre has survived and now contains a number of excellent restaurants and cafes.


All this has made Tankerton a pleasant place in which to live with the benefit of Tankerton Slopes, a gem of a seafront.


At Tower Hill, the Castle peeks from between the trees; it is not, a real castle but a folly built as a summer house. However, it is arguably the town's most celebrated building and its attractive grounds are used for the annual May Day celebrations.


Across the road lie the Tower Hill Tea Gardens. These have been painstakingly restored by a local organisation and now provide "al fresco" refreshment served from a thatched kiosk. Throw in superb sea views and this really is a lovely setting for a Sunday afternoon break by the sea.


From the Tea Gardens, the Slopes sweep eastward bordered by a promenade and shingle beach. Trees give way to neatly mown grassland and beach huts that fringe the promenade.


The Slopes form an important part of town life throughout the year but it is in mid-summer that they really take "centre-stage" when they play host to Whitstable Regatta - a two-day event staged over a weekend. A section of Marine Parade is closed to traffic, sideshows fringe the roadway and the steep grass bank provides a natural theatre for a host of air and sea displays. On the Saturday evening, thousands throng the area for the traditional regatta firework show.


Another feature of Tankerton Sea front is revealed at Low Tide, a narrow shingle bank juts into the Thames estuary. This is known as The Street, its best not to take a walk on it... the returning tide doesn't always cover it at an even rate and it is possible to get cut off, might be better to enjoy it from a distance!


During the inter-war years a mock Tudor housing estate was built in Chestfield, with the railway and the Thanet way tending to divide Chestfield from Swalecliffe.


Although sharing with Swalecliffe, many institutions such as Church, Community Centre, Schools, Railway Station and Women's Institute Chestfield has developed as a separate entity. The Parish Council, Chestfield Society, Golf and Cricket Clubs etc tend to reinforce the distinctive 'feel' of the place.


Genuine historic landmarks have a habit of being overlooked among the mock Tudor properties and converted 'tythe' barns; but they are there. The sheep dip in the Ridgeway and the Oast Houses are examples.


Chestfield offer a residential area with it's own particular charm and character, enhanced by The Chestfield Golf Club and nearby Chesfield Barn, at the same time having easy access to supermarkets, local shops and the main line railway line to London